Why do I need to add my relationship for a recommendation or review?

The relationship layer of Upgrow recommendations and reviews is a really important data point for a couple of reasons.

  1. Context

    Upgrow is built on a premise of quality over quantity.  We want to help users make a great decision on the first pass.  One way we accomplish this is with an added layer of context to help users weigh the relevance of each vote or piece of feedback.  This information is missing from virtually every feedback and review platform on the internet. 

    We are confident this added context will help users make better and more confident business decisions.

    Example: Consider a small business owner researching support desk software for a team of 15 employees.  A solution that will come with a significant time cost to integrate and upwards of $15,000 yr to license.

    Below are some reviews for Software A.

    Chris Jones
    2 Stars - Bad support desk solution!
    Review is based on a relationship as a trial or free user in 2009.

    Pat Smith
    5 Stars - Great support software!
    Review is based on a relationship as a client starting in 2012 to current.

    On most platforms (without any relationship context) a potential buyer would likely assign the 2 star review more weight.  The buyer is left to assume/guess both reviews are from users with a similar relationship to Software A.

    As you can see above, when the relationship of the reviewer to the product is revealed the decision data changes dramatically.

  2. Validity

    By adding required relationship disclosure to Upgrow recommendations and reviews we add an additional point of validation.  This along with user verification and real names helps us negate the rampant fake review problem across online feedback platforms.

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